Do you have a key marked “Do Not Duplicate”? Do you rely on that stamp to protect your keys from unauthorized duplication by employees or tenants?

The “Do Not Duplicate” stamp used to offer some minimal protection. Keys could still be duplicated but typically only with some documentation of the requestor. That stamp would often be overlooked or simply ignored buy hardware or convenience store employees who did not have the training or a mechanism to deal with a stamped key. Today unmanned kiosks in retail and grocery store front lobbies will duplicate any and all keys without care or question.

Ultimately the “Do Not Duplicate” stamp is simply a deterrent. It is a polite suggestion; nothing more.

The only way to ensure actual true key control is with the use of an actual restricted key system. True restricted keys come in a few shapes and sizes, so to speak, but the defining factor is that the key blade itself is unique in some way to the shop or organization that issues the key. Restricted keys and their corresponding lock cylinders also often employ security features to protect against picking or other physical attack as an added value.

If you think your keys are not secure, call Giles Lock today. If you think your keys are secure you should still call us to make sure.

You have a lot riding on your security from material goods to the health and safety of your employs or tenants. Don’t hope your keys are secure, make sure.

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